Free VPN – the best VPN services for free

Almost everyone currently uses the Internet. This means that we are also all concerned about issues such as how to maintain network security. It would therefore seem that simply because of the universality of the problem knowledge in this area has also to be at a certain, at least moderately high level. Unfortunately, practice proves it’s not.

As a general rule, we are all aware that one of the basic tools to protect our privacy is a paid or free VPN. However, a really important problem arises, because programmes belonging to the category of Virtual Private Network do not offer the same service standard and consequently a similar level of protection. What’s worse, numerous studies show that a large part of free VPN programmes not only don’t provide any protection, but can even expose the user to additional threats.

But does it mean that a good and effective VPN for free is just a fairy tale? Not really. There are reliable and proven providers of free Virtual Private Networks. Below we present to the reader the ranking of the best VPNs for free. In the following part of the text, let us take a closer look at the subject matter.

Does a free VPN really work?

The answer to the question above is yes, but it will heavily depend on making a skilful choice. You can compare it to sunglasses. As it’s well known, many of them don’t have UV filters and their only function is dimming vision. In this way such glasses don’t  provide us with protection from the sun by any means and they deserve to be called “sunscreen” only apparently – because of a misleading similarity to a really effective assortment.

The same goes for VPN programmes. Also in this case, not every program advertising itself as a Virtual Private Network actually performs this function. What are the basic criteria to consider when choosing for example a free VPN? According to specialists, the first issue is… the country of origin of the program. Yes, in practice, it turns out that quite a lot of free Virtual Private Network programmes come from – attention – China. It goes without saying that the use of this kind of software can be quite a risk.

Another issue are the rules of the program and its provisions. It’s worth noting whether a particular program, for example, works in the VPN No-Log system. VPN programmes often try to tempt customers with facilitation of use, including through the No-Log option. Unfortunately, in practice, it turns out that a good free VPN should simply save logs. The next important factor are just the reviews of people who have had the opportunity to use the program. By reading such opinions we can find out if, e.g., a given VPN for free results in spam, slowdown of the link or other circumstances that shouldn’t be caused by a good Virtual Private Network program in any way.

Why is choosing a good VPN so important?

There is one answer: security. In principle, every –  both paid and free VPN – is supposed to protect our data, not expose it to additional threats. Meanwhile, if we choose a Virtual Private Network provider of poor quality, we simply expose ourselves to numerous unpleasant consequences, such as:

Sharing our data with third parties

SPAM (related to point 1)

Possibility of leakage of our data due to e.g. security measures of low quality or their outdatedness

Malware included in the VPN program (low quality VPN programmes often install viruses directly on our media)

It’s also important to remember that some of the VPN programmes actually has another purpose. This is indicated by the fact that a large proportion of programmes from unverified broadcasters contain malicious software, as demonstrated by numerous studies by independent experts. We can assume that in some cases a VPN program is de facto used to phishing and then our data can e.g. be sold to companies or used in many different ways.

What else should you pay attention to when choosing a free VPN?

The security of our data on the network is of course an absolute priority. However, once we have limited our interest to a few really proven programmes thanks to a reliable ranking of free VPNs, it will also be worth looking at some other functions.

First of all, a free VPN should be selected according to our individual needs and preferences. What does it mean? If we need a VPN only for standard use of the network, the availability of torrents won’t matter to us. On the other hand, if we need a VPN for a variety of more demanding applications, the range of available features within a particular Virtual Private Network program will turn out to be absolutely meaningful. It’s also worth paying attention to the speed of the Internet connection as this parameter can also quite significantly vary depending on the VPN provider.