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Offer parameters:
Torrents seeding Yes
Encryption 256 Bit
Monthly payment $2.99
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Streaming Limited
Works in china Yes
Payment method PayPal, Bitcoin, Credit Cards, qiwi, webmoney
Number of devices Unlimited
Money back guaranteed 30 days
Number of servers 256
Supported systems
Android TV

RUSVPN test and review

Contrary to popular belief, RUSVPN has nothing to do with Russia, and its name is an acronym derived from ReliableUnlimitedSecure (reliable, unlimited, safe). The company’s headquarters is registered in the Community of Dominica, which, in addition to beautiful and sunny Caribbean beaches, also has rights that guarantee privacy for its citizens and business customers. How does the RUSVPN cope in practice and how does it perform in our detailed and painful tests? We’re taking up the subject!

Is RUSVPN at all safe?

When you connect to RUSVPN, all our network traffic is immediately secured with 256-bit data encryption. The purpose of this procedure is to completely prevent the eavesdropping of your confidential information. This way, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) won’t be able to determine which pages you’re browsing and which files you’re downloading and sending. The only thing it will be able to see is hundreds of millions of bytes, consisting of a sequence of random letters, characters and numbers. This guarantees you comprehensive ammonia and an unprecedented level of digital security on your network. This VPN also allows you to fully block ads. A very important information is that RUSVPN, apart from the email address, doesn’t collect and store the logs of its users, thus ensuring 100% anonymity of its users.

Who will need RUSVPN most?

Don’t be charmed, I guess everyone likes to take a little break from work and browse Facebook, take a look at the instagram or watch a relaxing video on YouTube. Unfortunately, whether you work for a large corporation or a small company, you may often encounter a situation where access to these sites is blocked by the company’s technical department. Business owners purposefully make sure that their employees are kept as focused as possible at all times and that they don’t break away from their professional commitments even for a moment. Therefore, the company’s routers and network access points are specially configured to hardware-based block any attempt to connect to pre-selected website addresses.

On the one hand, you can understand the management and HR department, but on the other hand – each of us should have the right to take a short break and break away from the monotony of everyday life – after all, we’re not soulless robots. Such blocking usually only applies to specific websites that the router can see directly if your connection isn’t encrypted. We don’t encourage you to do anything wrong, but occasionally you can cheat such pseudo-blocking with RUSVPN. The VPN will completely encrypt the network data you send and retrieve, making it impossible to identify the specific address of your destination page. Of course, if you decide to make this traffic, remember not to overuse your company’s resources, and to take a break for “facials” once in a while, for a few minutes maximum. 😉

How much does using RUSVPN cost?

The cost of a monthly subscription is USD 9.99 (less than PLN 42). Choosing an annual VPN service plan, you will pay USD 4.99 per month (about PLN 21). The most profitable financially is a 3-year commitment, where the cost of the subscription is only USD 2.99 (less than PLN 13 per month). Additionally, as part of the RUSVPN offer, a trial version of the service is also available, offered together with a 30-day money back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction with the service standard. We can pay for the VPN service using many different payment methods, such as standard credit card, PayPal, WebMoney and Qiwi. For fans of modern technology and anonymity, RUSVPN also offers the option of paying with Bitcoin.

Is it possible to watch Netflix via RUSVPN?

RUSVPN subscriptions include a number of different specialized servers that allow you to use streaming platforms such as YouTube, HBO GO or Netflix. With the help of foreign servers – geolocation will also stop being a problem.

What data transfer speeds does RUSVPN offer us?

Taking into account advanced VPN encryption algorithms, it will be normal to have some speed drops during data transmission. We have checked how RUSVPN has dealt with this task.

The test of our Internet speed, without an active VPN tunnel, resulted in 148 Mbps download speed and 154 Mbps upload speed.

Polish server managed on average and we recorded quite a big decrease in speed. The download speed of 124 Mbps and 15 millisecond ping still allows for comfortable use of the Internet, but the RUSVPN competition did a bit better here. According to the school nomenclature – a solid “four”.

The decrease in speed after selecting the American server turned out to be even greater. The download was at 64 Mbps and the upload was about 107 Mbps. This resulted in a connection with a high latency of 274 milliseconds.

Then it was time to measure the internet parameters on a British server. Download and upload speeds were 75 Mbps and 99 Mbps respectively. We also recorded a high 51 millisecond ping. You can still use the network during active VPN tunnelling, but we can rather forget about more demanding online games. LoL or CoD lovers may feel slightly disappointed.

The German connection was the weakest for some reason and the download speed was only 64 Mbps. We repeated the tests several times and each time we got similar results, which surprised us greatly, because the German server was physically the closest to all the network nodes tested before…

Unfortunately, RUSVPN significantly reduces the available data transfer speed. The delays aren’t impressive either, but the connection is established quickly, is stable and doesn’t break down automatically.

Is it possible to download torrents via RUSVPN?

It’s possible to download torrent files, although RUSVPN doesn’t provide specialized servers, so we’re forced to use ordinary VPN nodes, and their speed can vary.

What is the overall impression of using RUSVPN?

The RUSVPN application for Windows is very minimalistic, but in this context it can be taken as a compliment, because the less unnecessary the fiddle, the better. It’s easy to find the servers we’re interested in, and the connection itself takes a while. The only thing we can attach to is the archaic setup structure, which resembles programs from the beginning of the millennium.

RusVPN Summary

RUSVPN is a service for slightly less demanding users. Minimalistic apps for Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS – allow you to quickly connect to the VPN tunnel, although they lack some features that the RUSVPN competition has built in as standard. We most regretted the impossibility of changing the VPN network protocol. Fortunately, these disadvantages are compensated for by the relatively low price (especially in the case of the 3-year “cyrograph”) and the trial period with money back guarantee. RUSVPN is a great economic option for people who need a VPN for occasional use and for those who don’t want to overpay for unnecessary features.

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