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User experience
Overall rating
Security and privacy
Offer parameters:
Torrents seeding Yes
Encryption military-grade encryption
Monthly payment 2.78 euro
Trial version 7 days
Streaming Yes
Works in china Yes
Payment method PayPal, Alipay, Credit Cards, Crypto Currency
Number of devices 12
Money back guaranteed 30 days
Number of servers 3167
Supported systems
Android TV

VPNCity test & review

VPNCity is a viable alternative for leading VPN services. Buying their subscription gives you support for almost any platform imaginable, Raspberry Pi included. Also, this company offers a wide variety of advanced services aimed for business users. 7 day free trial I a nice touch as well. If you’re interested how VPNCity did in our tests and what kinds of transfer speeds it offers, dive into our review!

Is VPNCity secure?

VPNCity assures its users that it doesn’t store any logs. Information on time and location from which you logged into their VPN, as well as any other metadata isn’t registered. This assures maximum anonymity online, which is exactly what VPN users expect. All connections are made via VPN tunnel, and are very well encrypted using AES cypher standards, which are also used by government agencies and military.

No need to worry about quickly using up your data transfer limit, because VPNCity doesn’t have one. It can be useful for people who like to download a lot of files, for example via torrent networks. Large variety of payment options is also admirable. Except for common payment methods like credit card and bank transfer you can also use paypal, Alipay or use cryptocurrencies like BitCoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Ripple.

What is VPNCity useful for?

If you like using torrent networks, you should definitely consider subscribing to VPNCity. Contrary to common belief, using torrents is completely legal (given that shared files aren’t copyright protected). Unfortunately, many ISPs (Internet Service Providers) completely block Peer to Peer traffic. In our opinion such action is unfair to users, but such blockade is possible to overcome by using VPN tunnel. To this day many multiplayer games (especially free to play) use torrent networks, which makes updating game faster, while easing congestion on developers servers. It’s quite common for web infrastructure to be overloaded during programme updates. This is the reason why many developers use P2P solutions, which allow sharing files not only from official servers, but between users as well. This method can speed up the entire process.

How much does VPNCity cost?

VPNCity offers many subscription plans, which allows customers to pick the one that suits them best. Monthly payment is 8.96 euros and allows us to connect up to 6 devices. You can save up to 40% by choosing 6-months plan. Monthly payment in this case is only 5.39 euros. In case of this plan, you can use up to 8 devices. Yearly subscription offers 60% discount compared to one month plan and allows up to 10 devices.  Monthly cost in this case is 3.59 euros. However, the most cost-efficient option is 2 years subscription, which offers 70% off and allows 12 devices to be used simultaneously. It gives a monthly cost of 2.69 euros. Additionally, VPNCity offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

Can I watch Netflix using VPNCity?

Yes. Widespread and continuously expanded server network of VPNCity (currently over 3 thousand, located in various cities around the globe) allows you to unlock local offers for Netflix. Changing your geolocation is easy – thus gaining you access foreign films and TV series. All you have to do is choose a server you’d like to connect to and then log into your Netflix account. In case of any problems, VPNCity offers a manual on how to do it and if it doesn’t help, you can always access their tech support, which is available 24/7. VPNCity allows you to bypass local limits on YouTube as well.

VPNCity download and upload speeds

The transmission of data through a VPN tunnel always results in a loss of speed and increased delays. This is perfectly natural – due to the technical specifications of this technology and the advanced level of data encryption. Some services are performing better and others are performing slightly worse.

So, how does the VPNCity speed claims compare to our tests?

During the test without an active VPN connection, our Internet reached a download speed of 154 Mbps and an upload speed of almost 155 Mbps.

Connection to the native server (PL), we were able to establish a connection in a flash and without any problems, and the Internet parameters decreased so slightly that in a blind test we weren’t able to recognize the VPN tunnel that was on. This is very good news! Download speed of 139 Mbps, upload speed of 140 Mbps and 12 millisecond ping ensure that pages will load quickly and streaming 4K videos won’t stutter. We will also play most online multiplayer games without any obstacles. Even CS:GO hasn’t experienced a sudden increase in lags.

Interestingly, the American connection hasn’t disappointed us either. Downloading at 87 Mbps and uploading speed of 105 Mbps allows you to comfortably enjoy high definition multimedia. The delay was 213 milliseconds, which is a good result and doesn’t significantly affect the very positive impression we had when using VPN.

The connection to the server located in the UK is satisfactory. Although the top VPNs are a little bit missing, 97 Mbps download and 108 Mbps upload are really solid and the BBC iPlayer works smoothly and steadily.

The last test was conducted on a German server, located in Frankfurt. We managed to achieve 108 Mbps download speed and 103 Mbps upload speed with a 41 millisecond delay.

We’re satisfied with the results achieved by VPNCity. The results were repeatable and the connection was made express. Importantly, during our tests, there was also no uncontrolled, spontaneous breakage of the VPN tunnel.

How does the VPNCity application work?

In our opinion, VPNCity has one of the best VPN clients for Windows. The application works smoothly, it doesn’t cut, and all necessary information is in sight. In addition, we’re pleased that VPNCity has a built-in ad blocking feature that works well with popular Adblock plugins in web browsers. The number of guides that can be found on the service provider’s website deserves special praise. It will be especially useful for people who are afraid of complicated VPN configuration and are afraid that they will “click” something by accident. A valuable option is also the fact that you can always count on technical support (24/7), where VPNCity experts are willing to help in case of any problems.


VPNCity is a recommended service that has one of the best VPN applications. Ease of use and 24/7 support, together with a 30-day money back guarantee, make VPNCity able to compete with the best VPN services available on the market. You don’t believe it – see for yourself! See opinions and reviews of other offers using the VPN ranking.

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